Jean-Philippe Raîche


Jean-Philippe Raîche has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, as well as a Master’s in Quality Engineering in the efficient integration of performance and excellence best practices.

Mr. Raîche has worked in various renown Quebec businesses, such as Bombardier, CAE, etc. He contributed to developing the tools currently used at Mouvement Québécois de la Qualité. Before beginning a 20-year-long career in consulting, he worked in education.

For over 10 years, Jean-Philippe has been a partner at Proaction International. Over the years, he has carried out diagnoses and supported over 1,000 businesses in America and Europe, which has given him an applied peripheral view of businesses in various industries.

Due to his in-depth strategic expertise in the analysis and development of business’ capacities to optimize and push their own boundaries, he has given many conferences and presentations, and collaborated in writing various works about quality and performance. Over the course of his career, Mr. Raîche has received numerous medals, grants and acknowledgements that highlight his passion and devotion to improving performance.

Jean-Philippe Raîche
CEO Europe/Asia & Development Associate & Analysis
Proaction International